Monday, September 12, 2005

Northern border line

It was reported at 7.00 pm by Israeli media that IDF troops opened fire at Palestinians trying to infiltrate Israel from the northern border line of Gaza.

Israeli Reporting ( Haaretz)

Rafah border

Hundreds of people from both Gaza Rafah and Sinai Rafah are now in the former buffer zone and there are reports that people are exchanging goods in improvised markets .
Palestinian Reporting

IDF clarification

Haaretz reported at 2.20 pm that a qassam rocket had been fired at Yad Mordechai to the north of Erez crossing. This report has been denied by the IDF who state that no such incident occured.

Israeli Reporting

Rafah border fatality

Groups of Palestinians have been attempting to cross the former buffer zone from Rafah into Egypt in the last hour. During one such attempt a Palestinian was killed by gunfire from Egyptian border guards while in another incident one man was injured and has been taken to hospital in the Sinai.

Palestinian Reporting

Mawasi drownings

Three people are reported to have drowned off the Al Mawasi coast since thousands of people entered the former Gush Katif block earlier today. A fourth person is reported to be critically ill.

Palestinian Reporting

Settlement injuries

At 2.15 pm, seven injuries had been reported from the former Gush Katif settlements. It is believed that the accidents were a result of people falling out of buildings during the dismantling process.

Palestinian Reporting

Northern settlement block

There is currently severe congestion to the south of the Palestinian DCL at Erez as thousands of people descend on the northern settlement block. This situation is expected to continue, as Fatah is calling for supporters to march from Jabalia to the northern block after third prayers.

Palestinian Reporting

Rafah passenger terminal

The Director of Rafah passenger terminal has confirmed to OCHA that the terminal remains closed for all movement in and out of Gaza and it is still not clear when passage will be possible for Palestinians via Kerem Shalom. Negotiations continue between Israel and the PA over this proposed crossing point.

Palestinian Reporting

Nisanit synagogue

The PA is in the process of demolishing the synagogue in Nisanit settlement.

Palestinian Reporting

Reopening of Gaza roads

Engineers from the local municipalities are currently preparing to reopen the Rafah-west Khan Younis road and Salah ed Din road-Netzarim junction. Both roads have been closed by Israeli imposed restrictions for most of the last five years.

Palestinian Reporting.

Rafah passenger terminal

Control of Rafah passenger terminal was handed over to the PA by departing Israeli forces at 6.30 am.

Palestinian Reporting.

Qassam rocket

A qassam rocket was fired towards Sderot at 7.20 am. No injuries reported.

Haaretz Reporting.

Gaza synagogues

Synagogues were set ablaze by Palestinians earlier this morning in the former settlements of Netzarim, Kfar Darom and Morag. On Sunday, the Israeli cabinet took the decision to leave the synagogues in place rather than destroy them.

Palestinian Reporting.

Islamic Jihad

Up to 300 Islamic Jihad militants have entered Kfar Darom. Heavy shooting is taking place in celebration of the Israeli withdrawal earlier this morning.

Palestinian Reporting

Palestinians enter former settlements

Up to 30,000 Palestinians have entered the former southern Gush Katif settlements of RafiahYam, Azmona and Slaw. A further 10,000 people are believed to be inside Morag.

There has been a similar movement of people into the former northern settlement block.

Palestinian Reporting.

Settlement handover to Palestinian forces

The hand over of settlements started after midnight:

1:10 am The Palestinian security forces and intelligence entered Morag settlement with some supporters. The tank outside Atzmona settlement fired at least 6 flare lights with sporadic shooting at the opposite area.

1:33 am The tank at Tofah and Neve Dekalim settlement started to leave under a cover of heavy shooting.

2 am The security forces started to enter Tel Qatif settlement and security forces at Zahra city.

2:20 am The security forces entered Netzarim settlement.

2:33 am The security forces started to enter the Erez industrial zone from the main gate and hundreds of people from Beit Hanoun moved to the custom area to celebrate the pullout. The security forces at the coastal road entered Dugit from the western side.

3:21 am The security forces now entered Kfar Darom settlement.

Palestinian Reporting.