Thursday, September 01, 2005

Militant killed in Khan Younis

A Palestinian militant was killed in Khan Younis earlier this afternoon when a device exploded during a training exercise.

Palestinian Reporting

Gaza terminals

Today, 183 Palestinian workers entered Israel and 51 factory owners into Erez industrial zone. An additional 129 merchants were allowed to enter Israel. This is the largest number of persons permitted to cross into Israel and the industrial zone since the start of the disengagement on 15 August.

Patients and "humanitarian" cases are being allowed to cross into Israel with coordination from the Israeli DCL.

Rafah terminal remains open for passenger movement in and out of Gaza, although coordination is still required for Palestinian males aged 16 to 35 years.

Karni and Nahal Oz have been open each day since Monday, 22 August when they closed to coincide with the evacuation of Netzarim.

Palestinian Reporting.

Rafah passenger terminal

Haaretz is reporting that Israel will begin the construction of a new border crossing on the Israel-Egypt-Gaza border next week. The proposed site at Kerem Shalom would become the entry point for all Palestinians returning to Gaza from Egypt following the Israeli withdrawal. The PA is adamantly opposed to such a proposal given the requirement to enter Israel territory in order to return to Gaza.

Earlier this week Egyptian security chief, Omar Suleiman proposed a continued 6 month Israeli presence after the withdrawal to establish confidence building mesaures with the PA. The PA did not rule out such a compromise.

Israeli Reporting (Haaretz)

Philidelphi Corridor

Haaretz is reporting that Israel and Egypt will today sign an agreement allowing for the deployment of 750 Egyptian border guards along the Egyptian-Gaza border. This comes in the wake of Wednesday's Knesset vote that approved the agreement in a 53-28 vote.

The deployment is not expected to take place until after there has been a complete withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza.

Israeli Reporting (Haaretz)

Abu Houli junction

Abu Houli junction reopened at 10.15 pm on Wednesday and closed again at 5.30 am.

Palestinian Reporting


Erez reopened at 19.45 last night following the earlier closure due to security concerns.

Palestinian Reporting

Explosions in Elei Sinai

At 9.30 pm on Wednesday two explosions were heard from Elei Sinai settlement. It is believed these related to the explosion of underground civilian bunkers as has been occuring in other settlements.

An IDF helicopter was hovering above Beit Hanoun at the time.

Palestinian Reporting

Sound grenades fired in Rafah

The IDF fired two sound grenades from Zo'rob observation post at 12.20 am at groups of Palestinians gathering in the buffer zone. A further sound grenade was later fired by the IDF into the Barahmeh area.

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