Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Abu Houli Junction. IDF Observation Posts

The IDF has dismantled the observation post situated on the northern side of Abu Houli and is now in the process of dismantling the post to the southern side of the junction.

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Erez and Rafah terminals

Today, 140 Palestinian workers entered Israel and 45 factory owners into Erez industrial zone.

Patients and "humanitarian" cases are being allowed to cross into Israel with coordination from the Israeli DCL.

Rafah terminal remains open for passenger movement in and out of Gaza, although coordination is still required for Palestinian males aged 16 to 35 years.

Palestinian Reporting


It had been reported that a 19 year old man was wounded by IDF gun fire last night in the Khuza√° area to the south east of Khan Younis. It has since been learned that he was wounded by gun fire during a wedding celebration and there was no IDF involvement in this incident.

The original article has now been withdrawn from this site.

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Karni and Nahal Oz

Karni terminal and Nahal Oz crossing have reopened today following the withdrawal of settlers from Netzarim on Monday.

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Mortar shell fired at Netzer Khazani

At 0:10 am, one mortar shell was fired towards Netzer Khazani. The IDF did not respond.

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The Coastal Road

The Coastal road is open with free movement of traffic in both directions.

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Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli junction reopened at 01:15 am and closed at 5.15 am.

On Monday, UNRWA was able to move staff members across Abu Houli junction in the morning and afternoon via coordination with the IDF.

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IDF observation post, Kfar Darom

At 9.15 pm on Monday evening, the IDF observation post at Kfar Darom settlement launched flares and opened fire in the area for approximately 5 minutes. No injuries reported.

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