Thursday, August 18, 2005

IDF soldier wounded in Nezarim

Haaretz is reporting that an IDF soldier has been lightly wounded by a qassam rocket fired into Nezarim settlement.

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Disengagement, 18 August. Overview

11 settlements have now been completely evacuated since the start of the disengagement on 15 August. While the first two days allowed for the voluntary departure of settlers, those remaining after midnight on 16 August are now in the process of being physically removed. Resistance is being encountered from those settlers who remain, and particularly from the hardline supporters who have joined them. Kfar Darom, Neve Dekalim and Gan Or have become the scene of bitter struggles as the Police and IDF seek to remove the residents and protestors.

The killing of four Palestinians by a West Bank settler on Wednesday led to an initial reaction by Palestinian militias in Gaza with 5 rockets and mortars fired towards settlements. Throughout Thursday during the day there were no further incidents, although two mortars have been fired towards Israeli targets in southern Gaza in the last half hour. Notwithstanding this last attack, it seems clear that both Palestinians and Israelis are keen to avoid any conflict on the ground as the disengagement continues.

Two mortars fired towards Morag

Two mortars were fired by Islamic Jihad towards the west of Morag settlement, (that was evacuated on Wednesday). The IDF responded with gun fire. No casualties are reported.

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Food situation in the Mawassi enclave

There have been rumours circulating that the people inside the Mawassi enclave are completely without food. WFP has investigated and found that this is not true. During July 2005, WFP and UNRWA distributed a total of 454 metric tonnes of food, amounting to a total of at least 336 KGs per family. The food basket distributed consisted of Wheat Flour, Rice, Lentils, Vegetable Oil, Sugar and Milk. This food is enough for a 3 month period.

Rafah Terminal

Rafah terminal is open in both directions between Gaza and Egypt, although restrictions still remain on the movement of Palestinian males aged 16 to 35 years.

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Disengagement Update. 18 August

The killing of four Palestinians by an Israeli settler at Shilo in the West Bank provoked a reaction from Palestinian militias in Gaza. A total of five home made rockets were fired at Israeli targets in four separate incidents. No injuries were reported and the IDF did not retaliate. Significantly, the Palestinian Security Forces prevented an attempted rocket attack by Islamic Jihad just before midnight and since then no further rockets have been fired.

Israeli Police and IDF moved into Kfar Darom earlier this morning and will began the forced removal of settlers and supporters over the course of the day. Kfar Darom is regarded as the most religiously orientated of the 21 Gaza settlements and resistance to the evacuation is expected.

There is still no news on the whereabouts of the French journalist siezed by Palestinian gunmen on Sunday evening.

Shilo killings

A Palestinian man wounded in the earlier attack at Shilo died from his injuries shortly after midnight on Thursday, bring to four the total number killed.

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Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli Junction closed in both directions at 5.00 am on Thursday. The Palestinian National Security Forces reported the junction will not reopen until 12 pm on Thursday.

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Palestinian security forces prevent Islamic Jihad from firing two home made rockets

Palestinian security forces prevented Islamic Jihad from firing two home made rockets from Ariaba targeting Atzmona settlement. No shooting took place and the attackers fled .

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Home made rocket fired at Atzmona

One home made rocket was fired from north of Sultan area at 11:30 pm targeting Atzmona settlement . No retaliation from the IDF.

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Two mortar shells were fired targeting Gadid settlement

Two mortar shells were fired from the Khan Younis cemetry area at 11:00 pm targeting Gadid settlement. No retaliation from the IDF.

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Home made rocket fired from Abu Al-Ajeen area

At 12:45 pm, an attempt was made to fire one home made rocket from Abu Al-Ajeen area targeting the border line. It failed to launch and exploded at the launch site.
This attack is assumed to be a continued response to the earlier West Bank killings.

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Abu Houli Junction Open

Abu Houli junction opened at 1:50 am from north to south.

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Settler Protests

At 10 pm, a group of settlers moved from Kfar Darom to Jafarawy area ( south of Kfar Darom ) and started to attack some houses belonging to the Abu Magaseeb family . The IDF arrived and forced the settlers back. Around 300 settlers remain in the area of the bridge.
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